Emma Motion


To take full advantage of your warranty,please keep your sales receipt. Your Emma Motion Smart Bed is guaranteed for 10 years.
The electrical part are guaranteed for 2 years. if you need to repplace an electrical part, the replaced part will guaranteed for 2 years.

The 10 year limited  warranty does not cover

  • Normal wear and tear
  • damaged caused by misuse.
  • disassembly
  • unauthorized repairs

Your year limmited warranty will be void if you do not follow the important safety instructions in this manual.

If your Emma Smart Motion Bed should become damaged, please do not carry our repairs yourself. Doing so will void the 10 year limited warranty.
Please contact us at Emmamotion@emma-sleep.com. If you have questions or need a component repaired.

If you can't think of lullaby or bedtime story, don't worry just reread the information on this page and you will fall asleep in no time at all